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Books, Mediumship, Art, Caregiving

Hello, all.  I am going to blog at least once a week on one of the below categories.

Hopefully, I won’t just be blowing wind up my … and people out there will find what I have to say captivating, engaging, witty, and undeniably entertaining.   At least that’s the hope.

BOOKS:  I’ll talk about my book, “106 Ways to Deal with Grief”, that I wrote after my daughter, Shannon died by suicide in 2009.  I will give details on the background and ideas behind each 106 ways.  As well, I am working on a few other books, an adult/YA fantasy, a trilogy of children’s books for ages 8-11 and a few other projects. www.KathyBriantBooks.com.

TALKING to the DEAD:  For my mediumship, I will let you know what I have been experiencing and talk about some of the people from beyond who have reached out to me.  www.crystalisreaders.com

ART:  The Art is of course my daughter, Shannon’s art.  www.shannonmorganart.com

CAREGIVING: The caregiving refers to my caring for my 91 year old mom who I took in about two years ago.  She’s quite entertaining, that Violet.  Imagine saying she’ll eat her teenager later when I got her a Teen Burger.  I think that’s against the law mom, though I know a few that should be eaten…

There is something for everyone, so you can check out the area you find of interest and see what I have to say about that.

Here’s the first one, a combination of two categories:

BOOKS:  Help a writer:  First, how about helping me?  I’ll state the problem, you answer with your suggested solution. I would very much appreciate your assistance.

Question:  Since Avatar came out with all the blue people, my tribes on a galaxy far, far away who were blue, will have to change, so what’s suitable skin colours for say 3 different coloured tribes living on the same planet if blue won’t do for one of them?

Question:  One of my characters in another book is a DWELF, half dwarf, half elf.  What the heck would he look like?

BOOKS:  “106 Ways to Deal with Grief” Thoughts behind the book.

1.  Everyone dies and unless you are the first to go, everyone grieves.  Sounds trite at first. We all know we don’t get out of life alive. It’s a terminal, fatal condition, but even though we have some intellectual awareness and we know this is true, reality is totally different.  I don’t know how we got that way, but I think we honestly believe death is something that happens to other people, not to me! Someone died, no, it can’t be true!  It’s like we take it all personally and the horrible grief is ours alone. We have forgotten death is a universal condition and virtually everyone on the planet will go through something like we are going through. Realizing doesn’t make it easier, but at least you know, it’s not just you or them, it’s the end of a life and therefore, death.