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The book signing on Nov. 9 at Chapters Crowfoot was slow. It was a horrible snowy day, but the other authors there were a pleasure to be with. I learned a lot from them and how they promote and sell their books, so the experience was valuable in the end.

LIFE:  Hunger Games Misname

Mom is still having a hard time adjusting to losing more words, but the ones she creates are very funny.

We were watching the first two Hunger Games so that we will remember where the story is when the third Hunger Games movie comes out Nov 21. Mom got caught up in the action and said “Mistress, watch out!” She meant Katniss of course. My sister and I had to choke back the laughter as we exchanged looks and my sister even had to drink to cover up her guffaws. That action hero is nobody’s mistress, that’s for sure.

GRIEF: 106 Ways to Deal with Grief,

The idea behind the statement…

15. Crying is good for you. Likely you’re going to do lots for a long time.

The minute the police told me Shannon was dead in her apartment (I wouldn’t go in); my eyes developed a life of their own. The tears just streamed down and didn’t stop for quite a while. It was like the waterworks were entirely out of my control. I had to close bank accounts, tell utility companies she was gone and discontinue the service and all of that with tears streaming. I realized a crying woman gets excellent service, just one of those odd things I noticed. My head had such pressure in it I had to get acupuncture to make the sinuses drain properly. I really cried up a storm and I didn’t care much that I did. At work I had to rein it in, but the minute I was in the parking lot on my way home, down came the tears. I had a lot to cry about apparently, so I did.

I cried pretty much regularly for the first two years, heavier the first, less the second. Year three, now and again and now that I am in year five, just sometimes. I was never a crier before and had difficulty crying when I needed to. No problem now. I cry at sad movies, when someone is in distress, when I think of what I have lost and just from time to time when I feel sad. Much healthier now. That dry awful feeling I used to get when I needed to cry and couldn’t is gone. I can cry and feel better afterwards, which is the purpose of crying I think – release.

So get used to it and let it go or you will back up and back up until you find the dam breaking when you don’t want it to. You don’t have to hold back the tears, they want to get out. You need to express your grief.

Books and Gifts

I have my book and Shannon’s cards, prints and several original art pieces nicely settled at the Cochrane Cookhouse and Artisan Market and it will be there for a while. So go to Cochrane, just a nice drive, and see this cute little store. They also have a community kitchen, a commercial kitchen, so people can make their products there and sell the food as well.  ~ Kathy

The Cochrane CookHouse & Artisan Market, #109, 519 First Street West, Cochrane, Alberta T4C 1B3  For more information visit:

As well, check out Bentley’s Books in Cochrane for copies of my book” 106 Ways to Deal with Grief


The Cochrane CookHouse & Artisan Market


The Cochrane CookHouse & Artisan Market
#109, 519 First Street West
Cochrane, Alberta T4C 1B3

Featuring locally grown, raised and made products, this unique retail venue is an excellent source for last minute meal & gift ideas.

Shannon Morgan Art, plus cards and matted prints
Book by Kathy Briant – “106 Ways to deal with Grief”
Artisan and Specialty Foods
Handmade Crafts, Art, Books and Gifts

Tuesday-Friday 10-6,
Saturday 10-5, Sunday 12-5,
(CLOSED DEC 24, 25, 26)

For more information visit: