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What are the voices telling you to do? Book signing. Meaning behind the statement.

BOOK: MARK THE DATE – Support your Local Writers – Nov 9, 11-3 at Chapters Crowfoot. I will be doing a book signing along with John Gilchrist the restaurant critic who was on CBC talking about best places to eat, Shirlee Matheson who is well known for her excellent Y/A books and a few others. Each of us will take a few minutes to talk about our books. Good chance to get books for Xmas.

LIFE: What are the voices telling you to do?

I was going to bed at 1 a.m. (yeah, I know, I should go to bed earlier), getting ready in the bathroom when mom called out from her bedroom, “Kathy can you turn down the TV a little? It’s too loud.” I told her the TV was off.  How was she hearing voices?  She said, “Well, I hear them.” I asked if her radio was on. No. Then I paused for a moment then asked, “What are they telling you to do?”

I thought, if she’s flipped out, I can make it to the front door, nightie be damned. She’s an old woman.

She said, “Come here and listen, there are voices.” So I did. Might have been my last breath on earth. I entered the dark bedroom.

Mom said, “Here sit on the bed and listen.” I declined, but listened from where I was standing in the dark. Momma didn’t raise no fools.

She was right. She had somehow hit the switch on the radio and sure enough, people were talking softly and because Mom is so deaf, she could hear the sounds, but didn’t know where they were coming from. A flip of the switch and all was well.

Oh, mother, life is never dull.

GRIEF: 106 Ways to Deal with Grief,

The idea behind the statement…

12. Talk out loud to your loved one. (But maybe when others are not around, you don’t want to be institutionalized, it’s no fun.)

I talk to my daughter who died. I tell Shannon how much I miss her. Sometimes I tell her about something that happened in my day, or something that has happened to someone she knew. I say how I hope she is doing well on the other side and she is happy. I know she is. I do this in private. It’s nobody’s business what I do and sometimes I feel the need to actually speak out loud to her as I look at her picture on the bookcase.

Talking to your loved one relieves your mind, I think. I feel better if I talk to her now and then. It’s not crazy. You had a relationship for likely many years and you used to talk to them all the time. It helps you not miss them quite as much and I think is healing.

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Help a Writer

What’s a good name for a friendly giant? How about a scary creature that tries to hurt people. What would it look like? In other words what scares the crap out of you?

Writing to a Deadline is Hard

I am sweating away, trying to get 3 chapters of a fantasy ready to send to a publisher as per his request and I am finding characters are so much trouble to create and name. Lucky I found decent names for my children; it could have been bad…


106 Ways to Deal with Grief: Background – What is the story behind the points I put in the book.

2. Don’t put the pictures away. Bring them out.  

Sometimes it’s too painful to look at the pictures and things from the person who died. People clear the decks, removing any reminder they might have of the person who died. They clean out closets and put pictures away in drawers so they don’t have to look at them. Ok, for a first response that’s fine if you need to do that. But after a while, I think you will want those pictures back and they will help in the healing process.

I think it is important to have a reminder of the person close by. Some people even create a little altar with the person’s picture and some of the things they liked or things that remind us of them. I think pictures are important.

The first thing I did within a week or two of her passing was find a good picture of Shannon and put it in a frame someone gave her for Christmas, an especially nice one. It was of her just before she got sick with the depression that she never came out of, so in her mid 20’s. It’s even a picture she took of herself to use in a web site she was creating at work, so it is how she would have wanted to be remembered. It’s the same picture I used at her funeral since she was cremated, the one people said, did you see that picture come alive? I did. So it was special. I also used that picture in her art shows I finally managed to have, along with some of her art so people could see the person that created all that fine art

For the first year or so, each month I would put it on a table with a candle burning to commemorate the day of the month she died and that made me feel better. I was never a ritual person, but that candle before her picture meant a lot to me.

Now the picture is within viewing in the living room and I often talk to her. I’ll tell her how much I still miss her (after five years) and tell her little things about the day she would have found interesting. So keep a picture near for comfort. It’s a good thing.

Shannon Morgan


106 Ways to Deal with Grief

Kathy will be selling her book along with many other authors also selling books at:


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4TH, 2014,            10 – 4pm