Shannon’s Story: The Death of a Daughter by Suicide

Shannon's Story book coverA mother tells the story of the life and death of her adult daughter and artist, Shannon, by suicide. Kathy’s story includes the history surrounding Shannon’s mental health issues, her struggle to help herself, and the ultimate loss of faith that made her take her life.

Candid and deeply moving, Shannon’s Story will resonate with people who have a family member struggling with mental health issues and those who have lost a family member to suicide. As well, those working in the field will gain a deeper understanding of the individual and the family dealing with these issues. We learn and heal through listening to the stories of other people who have had the same experiences. The telling of this story is an attempt to help others in similar situations.

“So many people are hurting in today’s world and this is a very real tragedy in our culture. Shannon’s story touches our hearts and brings healing to the survivors of suicide victims.” Pastor Kerry George, author

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