Gods, Surgery, What to say

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How many Gods from how many cultures are acceptable? I think Celtic, Norse with a sprinkling of Greek? That’s what I am going for.


Had sinus surgery so lots of leaking blood from the nose and throat, wonderful. It is amazing how much you use your nose and sinuses and how every little part can hurt for a while. I guess with over 32 sinuses, extract two and the others all complain. Even my teeth ached for a while.

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The idea behind the statement…

34. Educate people on what to say. “I’m sorry for your loss.” or “I’m sorry.” are fine. All you have to say in return is “Thank you.” Or just nod. That’s all you have to do.

Then just move on. Nothing to see here, folks. But I’ll notice if you ignore me. People do not know what to say, so they either gush all over you or ignore you. Neither is appropriate. Do the polite thing and maybe if someone knows you well, they can ask from time to time, “How are you doing?

Most people want to be treated normally and yet if given the opportunity; they would like to talk about it a little with people they trust. If you are a friend or close associate of someone with a loss, be prepared to get upset at what a grieving person may want to share. We are all so ignorant about grief and loss. It is very, very sad. However, it is a learning opportunity, unfortunately, for all of us.