Swords to rubber, Rollin’, Rollin’, No routines


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What if all the swords turned to rubber and were useless and attacking wolves started to chase their tails in confusion? Am I on to something or is that just dumb? Thinking, thinking…


I have been rolling around in this #@ chair for going on three weeks now. I am exhausted, annoyed and muscles I have not used to roll around in are very sore. Inactivity is not my name. I know I have to give the foot a rest and not use it, but that means I am pretty much not doing anything and I find that exasperating. Five days and it is over. Will I survive?

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The idea behind the statement…

27. Try no routine.

When you feel like you can’t make another commitment without screaming, maybe it is time to let everything go for a while. If your life feels like a straitjacket, let yourself go free. You really don’t have to do what you have planned. Let it go. Do nothing. Do something unexpected.

One woman I know left everything for a few months and just travelled. When she came back she felt much better. If it hadn’t worked, she had an escape plan for being able to return, so it was pretty safe.

Let your routine go and just be. We are ruled by the clock and time too much anyway.

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