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Endings are hard when the characters won’t tell you where they are going. They can wander only so far when you realize they are headed for some sort of destination, but they won’t indicate where exactly where. So frustrating. I have to keep on writing to see where they will go. The waiting is annoying – so where are you folks going anyway? Want to let me in on the secret. What’s that you say? Not yet? Sheesh

LIFE:  Who is training who?

I have a small dog, Sophie who loves to beg for treats. I know you are not supposed to give your dog human food, but hey, she lives with two boring, older people who are not exactly exciting to live with, and she won’t learn to chase a ball, so small little things to brighten her day are good, I think.

However, she now barks at us to feed her so then we have to ignore her. I know she is trying to train us, but I thought we were supposed to train her. She also has a habit of leaning her head in the crook of my arm as I eat in front of the TV on the couch. With mom, she leans her head on the foot of her crossed leg, looking imploringly at her, hoping for some manna to drop from the heavens. She may be getting out of control…

Sophie on Moms footSophie on mom’s foot.

GRIEF: 106 Ways to Deal with Grief,

The idea behind the statement…

24. Wear or keep near you something small they owned.

It’s nice to have some comfort somewhere, something you can rub or stroke that reminds you of them. I had Shannon’s small diamond pendant, which I put on and wore for about two weeks at first, day and night. It was just a small thing, a little necklace. I am not really one to wear necklaces for anything except for going out, but this little thing I had on from sunrise to sunset and I remember waking in the night and putting my hand on it. It was very comforting and it felt like a little piece of her around me.

If you have something small you can keep it in your pocket. If a necklace or a ring are not something you have, then a small rock from a place you visited, a coin, a cuff link a little decoration they had or even a shoelace or string from their clothing can do.

I found it very nice, like a soft warm blanket wrapped around you – something from my Shannon.