Christmas craziness

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LIFE: Christmas Craziness

Sophie at Christmas 2014

How did you deal with Christmas? Ok for you? Christmas crazzies?  I had a little craziness as well as a bad cold/flu. Running around entirely too much. I left my wallet at a store and had to go back for it, then a few days later, left the entire thing, my purse, on the ground in the parking lot  at Costco but miraculously it was still there when I returned. The mind, the mind.

However, after that I was putting mom’s laxative powder in her tea and doing my sinus wash with salt powder at the same time, and well, you guessed it, I snorted laxative. Thankfully, (or not) it burns, so I quickly stopped and just as quickly flushed with the salt solution. My, my… My sister asked if it gave me verbal diarrhea, very funny.

GRIEF: 106 Ways to Deal with Grief,

The idea behind the statement…

16.Let people cook for you. Also 80% of the dirt is on 20% of the surfaces.

When I look back, those casseroles in the freezer and that stuff that was brought around and left over were a boon. I could just snack or reheat and not think about meals, which is a blessing at any time, but especially when grief has you in its shackles. I didn’t want to do anything, much less cook or clean. I was so exhausted, breathing was hard.

I am not much of a housekeeper at the best of times, so keeping the place up was a real burden. Then I remembered the 80/20 principle, if you do the most important things, the rest is not that important and if you apply it to housekeeping, then most of the dirt and clutter are on 20% of the surfaces, so if you do that, you have most of it done. That was very helpful to me.

I am a giver, not a receiver, so letting people help is sometimes hard. I had to remember, let people help you and for heaven’s sake, don’t worry about the dirt.